We believe the infrastructure plays vital role in creating the environment where the intended outcome of the education can be delivered. We have designed classroom environment, interactive and excellent play area with wall paintings where young children can have fun, safely explore and learn with creativity, curiosity, and love for nature.


For the very first time the child enters the campus, we make them "tour around" to understand better what actually the child likes and that would be used for imparting education to that particular child. We at apple kids make a personal counseling with everyone and have track about every individual who are our partners in educating their child.


Smart class is a digital and interactive class room environment, which is rapidly transforming the way teachers teach and students learn in schools with innovative and meaningful use of technology. Powered with universal digital content mapped to Indian School Curriculum, smart class brings in technology right next to the blackboard for teachers in the classrooms. Students learn difficult and abstract curriculum concepts watching highly engaging visuals and animations. This makes learning an enjoyable experience for students while improving their overall academic performance in school.


Settling Zone

This room is beautifully decorated with large cut outs of animals, flowers and cartoon characters so that new children enjoy and get attracted towards their first school. New joinees are welcomed in this room for initial days till they become comfortable. Special activities to engross them and develop a relation with the teachers are organized here.

Ball Pool

The room is stuffed with ball of myriad colors. Children love to throw the balls at each other, lie down, jump and simply be themselves.

Doll Room

Toys and Dolls have a universal appeal for children. We encourage children to associate real-life situations when playing with Dolls/Toys and this helps in honing their social skills and gives them a chance to be experimental with their creative thinking.


Outdoor play area was setup in such a manner to improve the physical coordination skills of the children and make them learn through self-experimentation. The outdoor facilities include sand pits, safely-built slides/rockers, splash pool-based games and a range of play equipment all safe and hygienically maintained..

The children will develop an inherent fondness for outside play and the joys of playing with each other.

Splash Pool

A child friendly baby pool is the most enjoyed facility in summers.

The pool is maintained very well to take care of hygiene and safety of children.


An exclusive area which is designed specially for the child; to develop their motor & mental ability and creativity.

Development center

This colorful center provides children all the tools and aids which foster their all round development. From puzzles, blocks, flash cards to hammer set, beads- the place is equipped with innovative teaching aids.

Activity and Reading centers

Colorful and spacious air-conditioned learning centers stocked to the brim with books, puzzles, toys and art supplies designed to woo a child's attention. The activity tables and chairs are designed in such a manner that it is conducive for child to be seated with a good posture and the teachers can maintain a constant vigil in the classrooms.


We have a varied collection of books to attract the children and make them to spend more time at our library. Our collection of books will foster the kid's creativity and knowledge.

Story Telling and Puppet theatre

The children are introduced to the world of telling stories from their own viewpoint and dressing up as various characters that they read about. This is often accompanied with the use of puppets. This helps children identify and differentiate between story-based and real-life characters, still managing to inspire them to be more creative. This also lays the basis of the child developing self-confidence and public speaking skills and voicing his opinion in the presence of his peers.


Multimedia projected education system to enhance the individual thinking and learning new concepts.

Tiny Fingers believes that learning should be imparted through various channels hence we find that the multimedia room is essential to create interest in diverse subjects such as music, documentaries and cinema. Furnished with a 42 inch television and surround sound system with bean bags and comfy cushions, kids have nothing short of a whale of a time here!

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